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e are a North Carolina Corporation dedicated to your Whole Health and Optimal wellbeing.  We believe the Abundant Life experience requires prosperity of body, mind, and spirit existing in a loving, life-giving relationship with God and a responsible co-existence with Creation.  To assist individuals and communities to this end we offer powerful remedies and caregiving that we hope you discover to refresh your life with new vigor and draw you closer to God and your fellow man.  We operate out of offices in our Whole Health Clinic, located in Mooresville, NC and communicate with the world via books and spiritual counseling/feedback to our readers via our website, AbundantLifePathways.com. We’re delighted you’ve stopped by and hope you think of us when in need of excellent care for your most valuable possession your life.

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hy we are different.

The wise man searches for the causes, the average, search for an escape from the effects: The wise man and the “good doctor” will discover where such imbalance has occurred, and educate his patients to make necessary changes. Further, it will be a wise Physician who uses only safe, and non-chemical medicines whenever possible. For this reason, we have chosen Oriental medicine, a medical system providing primary care for millions worldwide with a history spanning thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine TCM encompasses an array of medical practices that have evolved over millennia of clinical experience. We practice the original, authentic Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, based upon the prosperous circulation of blood and vitality throughout the body. We do not practice the falsely translated energy medicine based upon some mystical energy (see the book “Dao of Chinese Medicine” by Kendall). Perhaps this is why we consistently see powerful pain relief and virtually instant results.