Primary Care for Millions!


raditional Chinese Medicine is Primary Health Care for the majority of the world population, and because we treat people, not diseases, we treat everything from the common cold to cancer – naturally, without the use of drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures. Our services are gentle, yet powerful – often bringing instant relief.  Then we follow up with health building, supportive therapies, to support, strengthen and refresh the lives of our patients, while their bodies heal.  Our services are not simply limited to the physical – we know how to care for the emotional and spiritual you too.

We receive thousands of new referrals due to the typical reports of  “instant pain relief”  that come from existing patients. We are so thankful! We’re more thankful to God for continuing to “Bless the work of Todd’s hands”…

This elegant system of Natural Medicine is the most widely Practiced Medicine in the World with a history of remarkable effectiveness standing the Tests of time. It is no surprise to now see the Mainstream American Media covering the effectiveness and benefits of this Great Medicine – on TV shows like Oprah, the Today Show and others. If you’re looking for a physician who will listen to your concerns, valuing your desire to help yourself and who is able to educate you with nutritional, herbal and exercise regimens for natural care, you owe it to yourself to visit Abundant Life Pathways. You will never have a Physician in our clinic back out of a treatment room door to move on to write up the next customer’s drug order, while you’re trying to have a question answered concerning your health, and you will never again receive a “smug look” from an MD regarding your interest in alternative medicine or Natural choices for self-care. Why would anyone continue to pay for poor service and continued dependence upon a system that gives one such little control over his or her own health… At Abundant Life Pathways, our entire focus is our mission to support you in realizing the Abundant Life God created you to enjoy. Some particular areas of notable effectiveness – over western medicine:

Menopause naturally with powerful alternatives to Hormone Replacement
Therapy and cancer-promoting estrogens, PMS, Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Weightloss, Digestive problems, and any type of chronic pain.